Our Company

Midas Hardware & Engineering Sdn. Bhd is a reputable hardware and engineering company that has been communicating with various wholesalers and retailers in the hardware industry throughout Malaysia as well as overseas countries over the last 18 years. Commercially, our company has had good rapport and pushed vigorous advertising campaigns through various media and promotion plans, establishing a ready market for our wide range of products.

Our continuously expanding inventory of products cater to industrial and household needs such as sanitary wares, construction and building materials, hardware materials and etc. These are key products which enabled us to supply materials to various sectors such as housing, electronics, automotives, foodstuff, rubber, oil palms, buildings, industrial, resorts and facilities.

Our company ensures sufficient supply of materials and on-time delivery to customers, and our company has maintained good business relationships with our suppliers.

Also, our company has established a reputation in the hardware industry that makes the name synonymous with quality, dedication and commitment to excellence. Therefore, whatever the scale of the project, our well-trained expertise and on-time delivery ensures the swift execution of any commercial order with the assurances that only an experienced and time-tested company can provide.

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